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Cree/BetaLED is the largest LED fixture manufacturer in the world, with a 450,000 sq ft facility in Wisconsin and a similar size one in North Carolina with the possbility of expansion of 208,000 sq ft. They have supplied thousands of LED fixtures to government and private organizations around the world. Cree/BetaLED are an industry leader with proven performance in LED lighting and case studies and product reports have been used by many organizations inlcuding California Lighitng Techonology Center (CLTC) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Technical Consumer Products (TCP)

Technical Consumer Products is a supplier/manufacturer of private label and TCP branded traditional and LED lamps. It works with some of the largest retailers and electrical distributors in the world. As a leader in LED innovations, TCP's complete product portfolio comprises Compact Flourescent light bulbs (CFL), LEDs, Halogen Saver Flourescent tubes, and HID.

Chargepoint Technologies

Electrical Vehicle Chargers with ChargePoint offers high reliability, easy to use stations with multiple power options, integrating aesthetics, and ergonomics with sturdy construction.

Green Ray LED

Green Ray LED design and manufacture affordable LED lighting solutions in response to the global demand for environmentally friendly and cost effective energy products. Green Ray provides expert and practical lighting solutions utilizing the combination of strong design and the manufacturing process.

IN0VUS Solar

The combination of thin-film solar panels, LED luminaires, battery technology, and intelligent energy management enables Inovus Solar to build products that meet the most demanding requirements. This patented technology supports on-grid and off-grid applications allowing the most effectve use of solar energy.

Valmont Industries

Valmont is world renowned manufacturer of support structures and other infrastructure services, as well as agriculture water management.They are the leading producer of steel and aluminum poles and towers and steel and concrete pole structures. Their products are well-engineered, multi-faceted, and reliable.

Goldwings Supply Service, Inc.

Goldwings is a small, family owned technical solutions company that evolved from an aviation supply service. They now provide, in addition to their aviation services, green solutions,lighting design, and solar solutions.

General Structures, Inc.

General Structures provides a wide variety of poles covering standard poles, to roadway, to sports lighting. They are an experienced company with great product selection and quality.


Lumecon is a US manufacturer of its own LED products covering flood lights, canopies, wallpacks and much more. All their products have Lumecon ETDTM (Enhanced Thermal Dissipation) System. Lumecon has LED lighting solutions implemented in more than 50 major cities in Canada and the US.


EnergyGlassTM produces the only Optical Clear Building Integrated Photovoltaic Window System in the world. The system produces 1-2 watts per sq. ft per hour for 10-12 hours during the day and 3-4 watts at peak dependent on location, size, orientation, thickness, and formula.




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