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DUNS: 96241555

EIN: 27-2464767

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American LED & Energy Corporation

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T & T Electric

Island Pacific Energy

Hawaiian Express Service

Powerhouse Retail Services

Energy Conservation and Supply

Four City Enterprises

Eagle Electric

Siu Electric

Pacfic Power

Haleakala Solar

Pelatron Center for Economic Development

Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce

Rebuild Hawaii

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality services and put our customers’ satisfaction at the top of our priorities. We serve businesses to bring innovation and foresight to create best in class LED lighting solutions and other energy services. We vow to find the best energy solutions for each and every customer, maximizing both grade and cost effectiveness.

American LED & Energy corporation is also a partial owner, along with Pelatron Center for Economic Development, of Pacific LED & Energy. This company, PL&E, has certifications that are conducive for bids with government contracting. Their services are identical to ours, the only difference being the domain of bids. Between AL&E and PL&E, we can cover a wide variety of project types, both large and small. You can visit this company website at the link at the bottom of this page.

American LED & Energy also oversees Native Hawaiian Energy, NHE, the source for all its photovoltaic system solutions. NHE’s primary focus is to help Native Hawaiians lower their energy costs.

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EIN: 27-2364767
DUNS: 9624155
CAGE #: 601Y4

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EIN: 27-2287010
DUNS: 962419789
CAGE #: 60MU9

NAICS Codes:

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Phone 808.626.5331
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